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When Is It OK to Sue Somebody?

A lot of people talk bad about lawyers, especially personal injury attorneys. We have all heard the urban legends about the guy who is burglarizing a house and hurts himself and sues the innocent family. We have heard about people suing over hot coffee. We have all had the feeling that some lawyers are just ridiculous with this crap. I am sure we all agree that some people, and lawyers, go too far searching for a quick buck via personal injury lawsuit.

What is a personal injury lawsuit?

But when is it OK? First, you should understand a lawsuit, in general, is only an option when someone (a person or a business) did something they should not have and it caused another person an injury. The monetary award represents the amount of damage to the victim. Said another way, if there is no injury, there can be no lawsuit – regardless of how horrible the act. Further, if there is no mistake made, there is no liability, regardless of how serious the injury.

Personal Injury Attorneys Hold People Accountable for Negligence & Recklessness

In my opinion, it is OK to sue someone when another person’s mistake causes serious injury. For example, a person driving down the road, obeying all traffic laws, is T-boned by a person running a red light because they were checking email on the cell phone. The innocent driver may suffer a lifetime of pain, medical expenses and a change in life style. They did nothing wrong and they are significantly hurt. I think a lawsuit is a real option

Another example, a school is notified that an employee has been criminally charged with harming children – the school does nothing and he sexually abuses another student. The student has done nothing wrong and may have a lifetime of mental anguish, relationship issues and fear. Again, I think a lawsuit is a real option. It is important to note that mistakes can be small or horrible, and injuries can be physical or psychological.

Insurance Companies Pay in Most Personal Injury Cases

It is also worth considering who you are actually suing. Most people are hesitant to sue another individual. They think they are going to take the shirt off someone's back. I can tell you that no lawyer wants to do that. I can also tell you that the vast majority of settlements in personal injury cases are paid by insurance companies. I suspect you wouldn't mind getting a check from an insurance company. A lawyer can tell you whether a person is properly insured and help you make an informed decision on whether or not you want to go forward with a personal injury case.

Hurt in an accident? Play it safe and call a personal injury attorney now.

What if you're not sure? One of the biggest problems in personal injury cases, is we don't really know the extent of an injury for a certain period of time. Some wounds heal – others don't. Sometimes, we don't even know we're injured for a while. Like most serious things in life, it's probably better to err on the side of caution. Go see a doctor if you might be hurt. And talk to a lawyer if you are the victim of another person's mistake.

I am an injury attorney located in Rochester, NY. I hope that my clients think I help them. I hope they tell their friends and family that I helped them seek justice, when they were wronged. I hope I give victims the ability to be heard in complex legal system that we all live in. Please call me with any questions.