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  • When Victims Become Defendants
    When Victims Become Defendants

    15 years ago an innocent 12 year old boy got a computer for Christmas. He put it in his bedroom, because it was his, and he could do what he wanted. Soon enough the young boy learned about chat rooms ...

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  • Search and Seizure Matters
    Search and Seizure Matters

    New York law says that police can't stop a person on a whim or hunch. In theory, most people would agree that is a good thing. Nobody i know wants Mr. Patrolman stopping them, just to say hello. Our ...

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  • When the police don't read Miranda Rights
    When the police don't read Miranda Rights

    One of the questions i get the most during criminal consultations is: "he didn't read me my rights, does that matter?" Like most things in the law it is a definate maybe. "Reading Rights" is shorthand ...

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  • Lisa is NOT GUILTY
    Lisa is NOT GUILTY

    My sister-in-law Lisa is an amazing woman. The kind of person parents want their daughters to be when they grow up. She graduated top of her Class from the University of Rhode Island with a degree in ...

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