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Is Murder Ever the Right Thing to Do?

Murder is wrong. We all agree on that, don't we?

Prosecutors dream about the man lying in wait, shooting a defenseless man in the head from short range, on video. The possibility of a criminal defense attorney rescuing such an animal from a life in prison is virtually zero. Finally, a case that doesn't require so much trust from the members of the jury...wrong.

Last week I saw an incredible report on ESPN E:60 about Jody Plauche. Jody was handpicked and groomed by his karate teacher, Jeff Doucet, to be his sex toy. Jody was sexually abused daily and eventually kidnapped from his home in Lousiana. After a nine-day man hunt, Doucet was caught by the FBI in California. He admitted to the crimes and agreed to be transported back to Lousiana to face charges.

Doucet exited the plane flanked by police, news teams taking footage as he walked by. Suddenly, a man in the background moves forward. He points a gun at Doucet's head and pulls the trigger from three feet away. Doucet is dead. His killer is Jody Plauche's father, and it's all on video. He pled no contest to manslaughter and was sentenced to probation and community service.

Is the result fair? I think it is. I bet you think it is too. To me, this is an important question about fairness and justice. Where is the line? Who should decide? What about people burglarizing your home ‑ is it ok to kill them? Does it matter whether you can leave without killing or is it their problem if they come in to your sanctuary? Does it matter if certain family members are home or not? Is it Murder if you bring a knife to a fist fight? Is it Murder if the victim of years of domestic violence finally shoots their abuser?

My point is that the law is written in black and white, but life is not. Even acts that at first glance are completely horrific may be accepted as justified by society.

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