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  • New York Gun Law Update
    New York Gun Law Update

    Most of my gun cases are relatively straightforward: They say my guy had a gun, we say you can't prove that. I have been very successful in this area. In my experience, when there is an illegal gun ...

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  • Get Out of Jail Free with JDP
    Get Out of Jail Free with JDP

    The debate about how drug possession, sale and addiction should be treated by the criminal justice system has swirled for over a hundred years. A few generations ago, cocaine, heroin and morphine were ...

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  • Video Evidence at Aaron Hernandez Murder Trial
    Video Evidence at Aaron Hernandez Murder Trial

    Question for the Aaron Hernandez Prosecutor - How will you enter the surveilance video from the Aaron Hernadez's home into evidence? I know you want to use the video from Hernandez's house, shortly ...

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  • Attention ESPN: There Is
    Attention ESPN: There Is "Direct Evidence" in the A-Rod Suspension Case

    The biggest drug case in America today involves Alex Rodgiguez, third base, New York Yankees. I like to watch ESPN, preferably SportsCenter, while I eat lunch. Most of the show today was spent ...

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  • Thoughts on Traffic Tickets
    Thoughts on Traffic Tickets

    Traffic tickets are always crappy. They cost time and money. Nobody I know seems to have extra time and/or money lying around. The majority of tickets are for speeding. You probably already know that. ...

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