Written By: Robert King, Esq.
Legal Review By: Greg Colavecchia, Esq.



Your situation may seem pretty grim if you were charged with a criminal offense in Batavia, NY, but it is important to realize that an arrest is not a conviction. The due process clause of the Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution requires that the prosecution prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, a very high standard that leaves you with opportunities to fight the charges. Plus, there may be strategies to present a defense, work out a plea bargain, or avoid the harshest penalties.

However, to obtain a favorable result in a New York criminal case, it is critical to retain experienced legal counsel to defend your interests. At King Law, our team has extensive experience, knowledge of the laws, and trial skills needed to fight for your rights. Please contact our office to set up a free consultation with a Batavia criminal defense attorney right away, and read on for some important information about your case.

How a Batavia Criminal Defense Attorney Protects Your Rights

There are multiple opportunities to fight criminal charges at various stages of the criminal process; in turn, there are several approaches that your lawyer may take to ensure the best possible outcome, including:

  • Fighting the Prosecutor’s Case-in-Chief: The prosecutor’s burden is tough to meet, since the mere iota of doubt or question in a juror’s mind could lead to an acquittal. Not only must the prosecution have proof beyond a reasonable doubt, but it must have sufficient facts regarding each element of the crime. A proficient attorney can identify and expose weaknesses to your advantage.
  • Developing Defense Strategies: Every person will get their day in court to provide any and all defenses to the charges, which can also mean an acquittal; in addition, a solid defense could even lead to a dismissal of the charges before the trial date.
  • Assisting with Deferred Prosecution: Certain New York criminal cases can be resolved through deferred prosecution, familiarly known as probation. The prosecutor agrees to not pursue the case, as long as you comply with various terms and conditions. Once the probation period is over, the charges are dropped. A defense lawyer can explain the eligibility rules and help with related tasks.
  • Plea Bargaining: It may be possible to work out an agreement with the prosecutor, which may result in lesser charges, a reduced sentence, or both. The plea bargain is especially beneficial when you and the prosecutor agree to take a felony count down to a misdemeanor. Having an attorney on your side is useful in negotiations and handling the details.

Comprehensive Defense Services in Batavia, NY Criminal Cases

Our Batavia, NY criminal defense attorneys at King Law handle a wide range of criminal matters, including:

  • DUIs, drugged driving, and traffic tickets;
  • Sex crimes, such as rape, molestation, child pornography, sexual assault, and prostitution;
  • Forgery, fraud, counterfeiting, Ponzi schemes, and other white collar crimes;
  • Violent offenses, including assault, battery, and aggravated crimes;
  • Robbery, burglary, shoplifting, and other theft offenses;
  • Identity theft and internet crimes;
  • Drug possession, sales, and trafficking charges; and,
  • Many others.

Members of our team are also licensed to practice in federal court, where the stakes are higher for criminal cases. We are ready to defend your rights against allegations involving:

  • Wire, mail, or internet fraud;
  • Tax evasion;
  • Immigration-related matters;
  • Drug crimes and conspiracies; and,
  • Many other federal charges.

When to Retain a Criminal Defense Lawyer

In general, our criminal defense attorneys are in a better position to provide solid representation when we get involved as early on in the criminal process as possible. We will protect your civil rights if you are being investigated or believe you might be arrested, and we will be at your side during police interrogation. After an arrest, we will advocate on your behalf:

  • At arraignment and bond hearings;
  • For pretrial motions regarding evidence and potential dismissal of the charges;
  • During discovery and depositions of witnesses;
  • At required court appearances and conferences; and,
  • Throughout your trial.

Consult with a Batavia Criminal Defense Attorney Right Away

This overview should convince you that hiring an experienced lawyer is essential if you were arrested on New York criminal charges. Our team at King Law is prepared to tackle the legal challenges as we aggressively defend your rights, so please call (585) 270-8882 or visit us online to set up a no-cost consultation. We can discuss strategies and determine next steps after reviewing your circumstances.

Our defense attorneys serve clients throughout Genesee County from our offices in Batavia, NY, and we look forward to working with you. Contact us today.