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An assault is defined as any incident in which one person physically attacks and injures another person, based on motivation. A single scratch or bruise can be considered an assault-related injury, such as a black-eye sustained from the only swing in a bar fight. Negligence or recklessness that causes physical injuries may also qualify as assault, even if the accused had no intent to harm anyone. In the State of New York, to be arrested on suspicion of assault, all that is needed is an eyewitness statement and some evidence of injury.

Oftentimes, important specifics in an assault case can be completely overlooked or ignored – such as acting out of self-defense – and the wrong people wind up behind bars or paying steep fines. If you have been arrested for assault and battery in New York, you will need the experienced and committed legal counsel of King Law. We specialize in criminal defense law and have an impressive list of case results that speaks for itself.

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If you are convicted of assault in the State of New York, at best, you will be facing one year in prison and hundreds of dollars in fines. If the person who claimed injury has hired a lawyer, you may also have to pay restitution to that individual for damages caused, both physical and emotional. The right choice is to retain an assault and battery defense attorney from King Law, who will handle the details of the case for you and work with you to build a solid defense.

If you go into court alone and lose, other than fines and prison time, you may be subject to other punishments, such as:

Restraining orders: If the injured party feels you may be harboring feelings of resentment or that you would have reason to hurt them again in the future, you may be slapped with an harsh restraining order.

Child custody loss: Depending on the circumstances of the case, you may lose the right to care for and visit your children. If your spouse is filing an assault charge against you that you feel is unjust, contact an assault defense lawyer today before your future with your children is jeopardized.

Anger management courses: In many assault cases, the accused must attend anger management classes for several weeks after the sentencing.

This infographic lists the possible punishments for assault and battery in New York State, including prison or jail time, fines, restraining orders, child custody loss, and anger management courses.

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The reasons behind acting violently may not be clear as the event occurs, and it can only be speculated that motivations will become harder to determine as time goes on. If you are facing an assault charge in Rochester, you need to act now and retain am assault defense lawyer from the King Law. The longer you wait, the more difficult it may be to prove your innocence, or at the very least, prove you did not act with criminal intent. With our help, you can defend yourself from a wrongful assault charge.

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