Things You Should Never Do If Arrested

Being arrested can be a frightening experience. You may not know how to react or what to say. The best possible thing to do when confronted by police officers is simply to do what they tell you and to remain silent. Below are some additional tips and explanations on what you should NOT do when arrested.

If you are arrested, DON’T do these things:

  • Run – Trying to run away can be interpreted as guilt. The last thing you want is a squad of policeman chasing you across town or a high speed chase if you decide to flee in your vehicle. A fleeing suspect can be arrested on the spot in some cases. Remain at the scene and stay calm.
  • Talk your way out of the situation – The more you talk, the more trouble it can cause. There is no point in trying to convince the police officer that your innocent. Let your attorney do the talking and take a note of every interaction between you and the police officer.
  • Give consent to search everywhere – If the police officer is asking you if they can search you, it means they don’t have the right to search and need your consent. Without your consent, any evidence that is seized may be thrown out by the judge. Let your attorney know if this is the case.
  • Invite police officers in your home or step outside – Do not let police officers in unless they have a warrant. Politely decline and request that they return with a warrant if they want to enter your home. Call an attorney immediately if police officers have contacted you.
  • Resist arrest – If a police officer is arresting you, comply even if you believe it is a wrongful arrest. Resisting arrest can cause additional injuries to you and may even lead to additional charges of assaulting an officer. Be friendly and follow their instructions.

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